Just sharing my collection of web clippings that I find interesting.  Hope you find them interesting too 🙂  BTW, “DDCOLRS” is my abbreviation for

  • D: Delightful
  • D: Distinctive
  • C: Creation of
  • O: Original
  • L: Lasting
  • R: Result(s)

My dream is to paint a wonderful rainbow of DDColrs! Anonymity is okay so long as others get to enjoy the colorful rainbow.


4 responses to “About

  1. Hey, I’ve been wondering, who the hell are you? I’m impressed with your very wide variety of interests. At the same time, there does seem to be a common thread. The kind of information you seek to understand the world is similar to my way of thinking: Understanding the human brain (psychology) and then understanding how each brain interacts and creates systems (sociology) and then how thousands, millions, and billions of systems interact (business, economics and politics). What do you do professionally? Feel free to reply by email.

  2. Beautiful backronym and rainbow! 🙂

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