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Foreplay (20-30 minutes) Matters

Source: Medium, Jul 2018

women prefer 20–30 minutes of foreplay, followed by a PIV (penis to vagina) chaser. “The actual PIV bit?” one woman said. “Between 2–10 minutes.”

Most women agreed that foreplay takes precedence over actual sex. Nobody wants to be “pounded indefinitely,” even if it is their birthday.

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Remote control vibrator eavesdrops

Source: Mashable, Nov 2017

“I was going through my phone media to prepare it for a factory reset and came across a .3gp file named “tempSoundPlay.3gp” in the folder for the App. The file was a FULL audio recording 6 minutes long of the last time I had used the app to control my SO’s remote control vibrator (We used it at a bar while playing pool).”

The app, which can be used to control several sex toys made by Lovense, does apparently ask for permission to access the phone’s mic and camera, but it’s only supposed to be used for the in-app chat — so users can send voice commands to the person controlling the remote from afar. 

As The Verge reported, someone who claims to be from the company that makes the vibrator and app responded to the Reddit post, calling it “a minor bug.” They added, “a temporary file that is created when someone uses the Sound Control feature. Your concern is completely understandable. But rest assured, no information or data is sent to our servers.”

They confirmed it happened only on Android devices and an update has been released that delete the temporary audio file when you close out of the Sound Control feature. 

The Big “O”

Source: The Daily Mail, Oct 2017

A Brazilian photographer has captured the faces of women before, during and after orgasms in a bid to ‘break down the barriers of female sexual well-being’.
The man behind the racy series, Marcos Alberti, has titled it The O Project and promises to ‘present female sexuality like it’s never been done’.

Alberti, who has worked with the likes of Coca-Cola, Samsung, Nestlé and Nike, captured the facial expressions of more than 20 unnamed women before, during, and after climax while using a vibrator.

The women span all ethnicities and nationalities, including the USA, France, China and Singapore.

Why Women Want to Have Sex

Source: The Star, Oct 2017

It’s Physical

In a study conducted at the University of California, Los Angeles, United States, 141 women were asked to observe photos of shirtless men, then rank them according to attractiveness. Lean, athletic-looking bodies were seen as more desirable than both bulky and skinny types.

Women tend to perceive big muscular men as threatening. It’s possible that spending all the time bulking up is seen as self-centred, which means she may not get what she wants from you, in terms of time commitment and attention.

The Heat Of The Moment

Cuddling causes a woman’s testosterone to surge, a recent Canadian study found. The increase in testosterone levels may cause androgen receptors in her clitoris to switch on, leading to arousal.

How else to get her into the mood? Have a good sense of humour and your chances increase by 25% – and if you’re looking for a mate to settle down with, those chances go up by 31%, says a study in the Journal of Psychology.

The Next Step In A Relationship

A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found commitment to be the key to sexual motivation in women of all ages.

There is no need to get spooked and cut ties with the woman you’re seeing. Commitment does not mean marriage, but rather a serious promise of exclusivity that shows an investment in the relationship.

Sleep and Sex Helps Well Being

Source: The Telegraph (UK), Sep 2017

 A study has found that sex and sleep are the two things that have the strongest association with a person’s wellbeing.

The index, developed by researchers Oxford Economics, found that quadrupling your income causes very little increase to your happiness, while spending time in the bedroom is a lot more significant.

Polling carried out by the National Centre for Social Research, found that the most rested people score 15 points higher on the index than those who struggled with their sleep.

People who are deeply dissatisfied with their sex lives score seven points lower on average than those who say they were very satisfied.

Guys Like Female Orgasms

Source:  Cosmopolitan, Mar 2017

new study published in the Journal of Sex Research found — aside from deriving pleasure from their own orgasms, obviously — men also derive a specific sort of masculine pleasure from making female partners orgasm. 

Men felt more masculine and felt high self esteem when they imagined a woman orgasmed during sex with them. “These results suggest that women’s orgasms do function — at least in part — as a masculinity achievement for men,” researchers wrote.

Generosity Can Benefit the Giver

Source: Entrepreneur, Jul 2017

In a recent study by researchers at the University of Zurich, “A Neural Link Between Generosity and Happiness,” scientists conducted an experiment using “functional magnetic resonance imaging” (fMRI) to understand how small acts of generosity relate to happiness and illuminate certain areas of the brain. The scientists saw a relationship between generosity and happiness, noticing a “warm glow” in the brain as a result of completing acts of kindness.

it didn’t matter how great someone’s act of generosity was, it only mattered that they were being generous in some way. Even the smallest act of kindness would generate the same degree of contentment as larger ones.

“You don’t need to become a self-sacrificing martyr to feel happier. Just being a little more generous will suffice,” lead research Philippe Tobler said in a statement.

It also turns out, you don’t need to necessarily pursue an act of generosity to feel happy — verbally committing to being more generous will also result in that “warm glow” in areas of the brain, thus increasing happiness levels.