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Top 3 Richest Persons are Tech Tycoons: Bezos, Gates, Zuckerberg

Source: Bloomberg, Jul 2018

Facebook Inc. co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has overtaken Warren Buffett as the world’s third-richest person, further solidifying technology as the most robust creator of wealth.

Zuckerberg, who trails only Inc. founder Jeff Bezos and Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates, eclipsed Buffett Friday as Facebook shares climbed 2.4 percent, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.



Your Phone is Spying on You

Source: ZeroHedge, Jul 2018

Academics at Northeastern University have just proven that your phone is recording your screen – as in taking video – and uploading it to third parties.

For the last year, Elleen Pan, Jingjing Ren, Martina Lindorfer, Christo Wilson, and David Choffnes ran an experiment involving more than 17,000 of the most popular Android apps using ten different phones. Their findings were alarming, to say the least.

the researchers started to see that screenshots and video recordings of what people were doing in apps were being sent to third-party domains. For example, when one of the phones used an app from GoPuff, a delivery start-up for people who have sudden cravings for junk food, the interaction with the app was recorded and sent to a domain affiliated with Appsee, a mobile analytics company. The video included a screen where you could enter personal information – in this case, their zip code.

GoPuff did not disclose in its terms of use that its app was recording users screens and uploading this data to a third party. What’s more, when they were contacted by the researchers GoPuff merely added a disclosure to their policy acknowledging that “ApSee” might receive users PII.

The fact that these apps can record your screen without you knowing and use this data is chilling. It illustrates how easy it would be for a malicious actor to be able to look at your private messages, personal information, passwords, photos, and videos. None of this is stopped by your phone’s security either as it is a function built into the apps and you don’t have an option to disallow it.

American Boobs Dominate the World

Source: Seventeen, Jun 2018

The average American woman in this study was found to wear a D-cup (according to the American size system), whereas several countries in Africa and Asia had an average of an A-cup or smaller.

Researchers found that white American women have larger breasts than white women born in other countries in part due to the fact that American women’s breasts tend to be rounder in shape. The rounder a breast is, the more volume it’s likely to fill.

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Great Relationships Drive a Great Life

Source: Medium, Jun 2018

Relationships are perhaps the most important foundation for your life.

As prolific author Frank Crane once wrote, having a close friend “doubles every joy and halves every defeat.”

But if most of your relationships are shallow and superficial, it doesn’t matter if you have the most “successful” life imaginable — everything still rings hollow if there’s no one to celebrate with.

Why are most people on track to never have great relationships?

Because they can’t be bothered to learn how.

Most People Can’t Be Bothered to Learn How to Communicate

“When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.” -Ernest Hemingway

every person loves, and wants to be loved, in 5 ways (with 1 or 2 main preferences):

  1. Quality time
  2. Physical touch
  3. Words of affirmation
  4. Acts of service
  5. Gifts

Everyone loves — and wants to be loved — in these 5 ways.

Always make the first move.

The meaning is simple: if you can help the relationship, then do it. Don’t wait for the other person to act (even if you don’t want to).

Most people have strained and superficial relationships with family and even with friends. This is because most people always wait for the other person to “make the first move;” say hello, organize a hangout, or apologize.

If you want to have deep, meaningful relationships with your friends, family, and even just the people in your day-to-day life, make the first move — even if it should be them. Be the first to:

  • Initiate the conversation
  • Send the first text
  • Say you miss them
  • Say you love them
  • Apologize and ask for forgiveness
  • Organize a hangout
  • Compliment them
  • Thank them
  • Tell them you appreciate what they did

If you want deeply fulfilling relationships, you must give from yourself.

Give your time, attention, energy, love, and focus towards building and nurturing that relationship.

The individuals who do this are rare. But anyone who chooses to build their relationships like this are the ones who will have deep, meaningful relationships.

Up in the Sky!

Source: ZeroHedge, Jun 2018

Hello Kitty Train (Japan)

Source: Design Boom, May 2018

a special shinkansen is coming to japan this summer as west japan railway co. teams with kawaii superstar hello kitty. the pink ribbon-wrapped bullet train will run daily between shin-osaka station in the osaka prefecture and hakata in the fukuoka prefecture.