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How Much $ Will Make You Happy?

Source: RealClearScience, Feb 2018

Money may not buy you love, but it turns out that the green stuff can bring happiness, to a point: New research finds that there’s a limit to how beneficial a lofty income is to an individual’s well-being.

Whereas emotional well-being refers to a person’s day-to-day feelings of happiness, excitement, sadness and anger, overall satisfaction in life is largely influenced by higher goals and a comparison of one’s belongings with others’ stuff.

On average, the research revealed the ideal income point, or “satiation,” is $95,000 for overall life satisfaction and $60,000 to $75,000 for emotional well-being. The highest satiation income related to one’s overall life evaluation was found in Australia and New Zealand, where happiness increased up until about $125,000.

By contrast, the satiation income in Latin America and the Caribbean, was $35,000. In North America, however, the threshold for happiness was reached with an income of $105,000. This data suggests that income matters more to individuals living in wealthier nations, according to the study.


Average FB User has 200 Friends

Source: Quanta, Feb 2018

Technology Adoption Accelerates

Source: ZeroHedge, Feb 2018

Since the 1950’s

Bob Metcalfe: Visionary vs. Stubborn

Source: MIT, Jun 2016

the only difference between being a visionary and being stubborn is whether you are right or not

Korea’s Penis Park

Source: Metro (UK), Feb 2018

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Sex for Senior Citizens Improve Brain Function

Source: NY Post, Jan 2018

Having sex often while getting older improves brain function, a study found. Those who still have weekly romps performed better in verbal and visual tests.

Sex made no difference to attention or memory.

A Hello City manhole cover – only in Japan :)

Source: The Star, Jan 2018

Japan’s sewerage industry has found a way to clean up its dirty and smelly image: elaborately designed and colourful manhole covers with 12,000 local varieties nationwide — including, of course, a Hello Kitty design.

Appealing to a Japanese love of detail and “kawaii” (“cute”), bespoke manhole covers adorn the streets of 1,700 towns, cities and villages across Japan and have spawned a collection craze among so-called “manholers.”

The designs represent an instant guide to a place as they feature its history, folklore, or speciality goods: a castle design for an ancient town, a bay bridge for a port and Mt Fuji for a city at the foot of Japan’s iconic mountain.