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9-Minute Strength Workout

Source: NYTimes, date indeterminate
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Top Companies by Valuation (over time)

Source: Visual Capitalist, Aug 2016

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It Can’t be That Good!

Source: SB Nation, Apr 2017

This has got to be the most bizarre stoppage of play in any sport. During a Sarasota Open match between Francis Tiafoe and Mitchell Krueger, you could hear the sound of people having sex.

At some point, Francis Tiafoe knows that they’re not going to stop having sex, so why not crack a few jokes? He screams, “IT CAN’T BE THAT GOOD.” There is a 0 percent chance that the people having sex heard that. Still, the crowd attending the match seemed to like it. — Hector Diaz

Star Wars Cosplay

Source: Mashable, Apr 2017

Hail “Hello Kitty” (5,169 items!)

Source: Mashable, Apr 2017

Masao Gunji, a resident in Yotsukaido, Chiba, Japan, holds the Guinness World Record for most Hello Kitty memorabilia with an incredible 5,169 items lining the walls, tables, and floors of his bright pink home.

Life (apartment rentals) in NYC is Expensive

Source: Zero Hedge, Apr 2017

A 48-hour sexual ‘afterglow’ helps to bond partners over time

Source: Psychological Science, Mar 2017

A study of newlywed couples, published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, indicates that partners experience a sexual ‘afterglow’ that lasts for up to two days, and this afterglow is linked with relationship quality over the long term.

“Our research shows that sexual satisfaction remains elevated 48 hours after sex,” says psychological scientist Andrea Meltzer (Florida State University), lead author on the study. “And people with a stronger sexual afterglow — that is, people who report a higher level of sexual satisfaction 48 hours after sex — report higher levels of relationship satisfaction several months later.”

… sex on a given day was linked with lingering sexual satisfaction over time. Having sex on a given day was linked with sexual satisfaction that same day, which was linked with sexual satisfaction the next day and even two days later. In other words, participants continued to report elevated sexual satisfaction 48 hours after a single act of sex. Importantly, this association did not differ according to participants’ gender or age, and it held even after sexual frequency, personality traits, length of relationship and other factors were taken into account.