“Why is the Penis Shaped Like That?”

Source: Publishers Weekly, Jun 2012

The vigor and depth by which the man thrusts his penis into the vaginal canal results in more effective semen-removal (so size does matter in this sense, for the man as well).

The more intense the arousal, the more powerful the ejaculation and the deeper it lands in the vaginal canal, making it more difficult for any males that follow him to retract his sperm with their penises.

Once ejaculation has occurred, men typically become flaccid fairly quickly, and further stimulation of the penis is even uncomfortable. This is important because continued thrusting would be self-defeating: the man would essentially be removing his own sperm at that point.

Building Love

Source: Huffington Post, Aug 2015

The article proposes a recipe for becoming a love “master” instead of a love “disaster” by responding the right way to what Gottman calls your partner’s “bids for connection.”

A “bid” is when your lover points out your kitchen window and marvels, “Look at that beautiful bird outside!” You could go “Wow!” and get binoculars (an active “turn-towards”); mumble “Huh,” and keep reading your newspaper (a passive reaction, less good); or say, “I’m sick of your fucking birds. What about the broken garage door?” Gottman found that masters turn towards their partners’ bids 87 percent of the time. Love, he concluded, comes down to “a habit of mind.”

… asked the machine to create equations that associated certain behaviors and physiology with long-term happiness. What emerged were fascinating and often surprising observations on lasting love.

They found that couples that stay happy used a lot of “we,” whereas couples that turned out unhappy used “I,” “me” and “mine.” They also discovered that when partners with a good long-term outlook argued, they somehow managed to maintain a ratio of five positive comments to one negative one. “At the time, everybody was enamored with this idea that romantic relationships were full of fireworks,” Levenson remembered. “Well, that was not the finding. It is the capacity of couples to calm down, to soothe, to sort of reduce the level of arousal for each other, that is the most important factor in predicting whether the marriage will last.”  

They imagined that a happy relationship was built consecutively in seven layers.

  • The foundation was a strong friendship, based on John’s laboratory findings that couples who spoke more fluidly and in more detail about each other and their pasts were more likely to stay together.
  • Then came sharing admiration, “turning towards” each others’ bids and developing positive feelings about the coupling.
  • Once that had all clicked into place, a pair could proceed through learning to manage their fights with, among other techniques, a process they dubbed “dreams within conflict,” whereby people try to see the positive dream inside what looks like a partner’s negative position.
  • At the top–the pinnacle of a great relationship–came helping each others’ dreams come true and building a shared sense of purpose, like volunteering or traveling the world.


Seth MacFarlane does Cyndi Lauper’s Hits

… while Cyndi is sitting next to him!

Losing My Religion – R.E.M.

Bitches vs Nuts

From the comments:

“He just kissed one of my bitches!”
+Bunny Chris should have replied: “Well you can kiss one of my nuts”

Will BlackAdder return?

Source: The Independent, Aug 2015

Edmund Blackadder and his loyal dogsbody Baldrick could be set for a comeback – if producers can afford Hugh Laurie’s wages.

Sir Tony Robinson, who played Baldrick in the popular Eighties BBC comedy, said a new series of Blackadder is “on the cards”, provided Laurie can be lured back.

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“Your brain for example, is so minute, Baldrick, that if a hungry cannibal cracked your head open, there wouldn’t be enough to cover a small water biscuit.”

“In the Arms of an Angel” Sarah MacLachlan