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Cinderella’s Castle @ Disneyworld (Orlando) will have a New Look

Source: The Points Guy, Feb 2020


Future (rendering)

deeper blues, as well as brighter shades of pink and gleaming golds, especially compared to the current version that stands tall at the end of Main Street U.S.A.


Venn Fun

Source:  Powerline, Aug 2019

Vincent Lafforgue – Breakthrough Prize 2019

Gudetama Cafe (Singapore)

Source: Mashable, Nov 2016
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Gudetama’s name comes from the Japanese word for “no energy” — “gude”. “Tama” comes from “tamago”, Japanese for egg. 


People find the little guy’s laidback spirit really relatable. 

Drawings of Gudetama typically show him in a variety of lackadaisical poses: asleep on his egg white bed with with a bacon blanket pulled over him; draped over a bowl of rice exuding an air of indifference; or lounging in a cracked half of his shell — as one does — on a deckchair. 


“I love Gudetama  because I can totally relate to feeling apathetic, unmotivated, lazy, pessimistic, and irritable,” says self-confessed diehard fan Delphine Tan, 36. 

Tolkien’s Book Cover Designs

Source: OpenCulture, Feb 2013

Lord of the Rings

The Two Towers

The Hobbit

The Return of the King

Hallelujah – Susan Boyle

Cut-Outs & Visualizations

Source: Business Insider, Oct 2016
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The Gherkin/London

The White House