Make New Rules

Source: CreativeTeach, Aug 2020

many times the creative process requires that we rethink the “shoulds” or the “we already knows’ in a situation in order to look at it differently.

… a replacement phrase: Invent new rules.

One area in which it is easy to study rule-breaking or rule-invention is in art. Impressionism broke the rules of realism. Cubism broke the rules of virtually everything that came before. But those artists did not break rules willy-nilly. They knew and understood the conventions of the time and made a clear choice that the rules did not work for the art they were envisioning. They needed new rules.

2 responses to “Make New Rules

  1. Interesting. I’ve found this also in working with stories. There are classic structures (of building up and releasing tension, of hero journeys etc.). ‘Rules’, so you can say.

    People who don’t know the rules, have difficulty to break them in an interesting way. People who know the rules very well, can break them and create something new.

    Thank you for sharing and making me think.

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