Doing Great Things!

Source: Farnam Street, Jan 2019

the way you live your life—the extent to which you intelligent prepare—makes a huge difference.

  1. You need to believe that you are capable of doing important things

If what you are working on is not important and aligned with your goals—and a lot of what you do and say isn’t—then why are you doing it? The question you need to ask yourself if “why are you not working on and thinking about the important problems in your area?” How can we expect to achieve great things if we are not working on the right problems?

2. You need to be willing to look like an idiot. Think of this as confidence meets courage.

3. You need to strive for excellence.

4. The conditions you think you want are rarely the ones that help you produce your best work. You need the feedback of reality in order to keep your feet planted on the ground.

5. Work with your door open.

6. People who do great things typically have a great drive to do things.

7. People who do great things tolerate ambiguity — they can both believe and not believe at the same time.

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