Sex for Seniors Matters …

Source:, Dec 2018

Having sex may be one way older adults can feel better and enjoy life more, suggests a new paper published in the journal Sexual Medicine.

40% of the people surveyed, who were between age 65 and 80, said they were having sex.

Adults who were sexually active tended to have higher total quality of life scores in general, as did those who reported feeling close to their partner. Sexually active men had average life enjoyment scores of 9.75, while those who were not sexually active had average scores around 9.44; for women, those ratings were 9.86 versus 9.67. These differences were small, but statistically significant enough to suggest an association.

Among men, engaging in intercourse at least twice a month and frequent “kissing, petting or fondling” were both associated with more life enjoyment, while only non-intercourse activities were significantly associated with enjoyment among women.

the findings suggest that sexual activity of any sort is important for older adults, perhaps because of its ability to produce endorphins and foster feelings of emotional closeness

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