On Reading Well

Source: Farnam Street, Oct 2017

For us to get the most out of each book we read, it is vital to have a plan for recording, reflecting on, and putting into use the conclusions we draw from the information we consume.

Before Reading

  • Choose Your Books Wisely
  • Get Some Context
  • Know Why You’re Reading the Book
  • Skim the Index, Contents, and Preface
  • Match the Book to Your Setting or Situation

While Reading

  • Make Notes
  • Stay Focused
  • Mark Up the Book
  • Stop and Build a Vivid Mental Picture
  • Make Mental Links
  • Keep Mental Models in Mind

After Reading

  • Think About What You Can Apply
  • Teach What You Have Learned
  • Catalogue Your Notes
  • Reread (If Necessary)


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