Patrick Collision (Stripe) interviews Tyler Cowen

Source: Medium, Jan 2017

So I think a central question for macroeconomics is economic growth. I think our understanding of the determinants of growth, just like our understanding of how well science does, is extremely poor. Much of that is ultimately cultural, and bridging economic and cultural ideas we’re very bad at.

You need to be weird and have a theory of your own weirdness that’s different from what your own weirdness actually is because you’re, too, looking at it from the inside. And this area has that. It’s great. It’s inspiring.

You want to optimize for “What makes this country the most creative?” And that’s different than just making us happy. We’re doomed to be the somewhat screwed up, unjust, not-quite-happy-maybe-more-mentally-ill country. And we’re the Atlas, in some other sense, partly carrying some of the world on our shoulders.


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