Reasons to Enjoy an Orgasm

Source: HerWorldPlus, Mar 2017

1. After great sex, my skin looks incredible for days

“After sex with my husband, I swear my skin glows for days on end. I don’t even have to apply foundation because it looks so radiant, bouncy and fresh, like I’ve just had a relaxing facial treatment. My friends don’t believe me when I tell them I don’t use any special products on my face.” – Olivia*, 32, banker

2. Orgasms de-stress me and help me sleep better

“After an intense orgasm, I fall asleep within seconds and enjoy a better night’s sleep. I used to have trouble falling and staying asleep, but now that I orgasm about twice or thrice a week, either with my husband or alone, I find that I rarely wake up during the night and feel more refreshed the next morning.” – Jean*, 28, teacher

3. My hair is thicker and shinier

“I’ve always had fine and limp hair, but over the years since having regular sex, my locks are a lot lusher! I guess that’s due to increased blood flow to my hair follicles. I love how luxurious, shiny and nourished my strands look now. I rarely have to use mousse to liven them up.” – Claire*, 33, programmer

4. I feel like I’ve drunk from the fountain of youth

“There’s something about having wildly pleasurable sex that makes a woman look far younger than her years. I have a wonderful sex life and achieve orgasm almost every time with my partner, which probably explains why my complexion is relatively line-free and smooth. After a night of good sex, my eyes also seem brighter and my facial features, softer.” – Robyn*, 31, online editor

5. I have loads of energy the day after

“My orgasms ‘wake’ me up from the inside. The next day, I feel so much more alive and walk with an extra spring in my step. I am more focused and alert, more productive, and work faster. There’s just no stopping me. I’ve heard that orgasms improve the health of the brain and heart and increase blood flow to the muscles, so that’s likely why I feel the way I do after a night of great sex.” – Tricia*, 32, writer

6. Experiencing sexual pleasure is like an emotional detox for me

“I find that I’m less cranky after I’ve climaxed. Seriously, I just feel so happy, like I haven’t a care in the world. And when I’m in that relaxed, easy-going mood, I’m kinder to others and to myself. Orgasms lighten my heart and make me forget about my problems, even if just for a while.” – Linda*, 38, teacher


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