Gudetama Cafe (Singapore)

Source: Mashable, Nov 2016
<lots of pictures available at the source>

Gudetama’s name comes from the Japanese word for “no energy” — “gude”. “Tama” comes from “tamago”, Japanese for egg. 


People find the little guy’s laidback spirit really relatable. 

Drawings of Gudetama typically show him in a variety of lackadaisical poses: asleep on his egg white bed with with a bacon blanket pulled over him; draped over a bowl of rice exuding an air of indifference; or lounging in a cracked half of his shell — as one does — on a deckchair. 


“I love Gudetama  because I can totally relate to feeling apathetic, unmotivated, lazy, pessimistic, and irritable,” says self-confessed diehard fan Delphine Tan, 36. 

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