Does Science Say Smart People Are Creative?

Source: The Creativity Post, Oct 2016

  1. Meta-analytic studies show that IQ and creativity are weakly related at any level, suggesting the threshold does not exist.
  2. Many of the greatest innovators in history did not have high IQs. Among them, those who earned low grades in school achieved more revolutionary innovation than those who earned high grades.
  3. Americans’ IQs and standardized test scores have steadily increased over time, but since 1990 their creativity, especially children’s, has decreased.
  4. People with high IQs exhibit adequate inbox thinking, but they are often conformists and thus exhibit inadequate outbox thinking.
  5. Instead of emphasizing high IQs or other standardized test scores, the aim should be to develop children’s subject of Curiosity, Preference, or Interest (CPI) –– a subject area that they are curious about, prefer or enjoy, or have an interest in –– as early as possible and their subsequent expertise (a thorough mastery of knowledge and skills of a specific subject). The foundation of creative thinking requires developing expertise for at least 10 years in one’s subject of CPI.

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