Knowledge Graph: Google’s has 70 billion facts

Source: Semantic Web, 2016

A knowledge graph

  1. mainly describes real world entities and their interrelations, organized in a graph.
  2. defines possible classes and relations of entities in a schema.
  3. allows for potentially interrelating arbitrary entities with each other.
  4. covers various topical domains.

According to [21], Google’s Knowledge Graph contains 18 billion statements about 570 million entities, with a schema of 1,500 entity types and 35,000 relation types.

Although not many public numbers about Facebook’s Entities Graph exist, it is said to contain more than 100 billion connections between entities.24

Related Resource: The Verge, Oct 2016

CEO Sundar Pichai led the charge here, noting that Google’s Knowledge Graph (the easily accessible information that pop up under the search bar for certain queries) now encompasses 70 billion facts.

He then moved onto the company’s image recognition tech, noting that it had improved its accuracy from 89.6 percent in 2014 to 93.9 percent in 2016 — a small numerical difference that makes a big difference in results.

Pichai topped things off with improvements to Google’s machine translation; recently super-charged by deep learning to go from a score in translation accuracy of 3.694 (out of 6) to 4.263. Human-level quality, said Pichai, is only a step away at 4.636.


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