On the path to a Nobel Prize

Source: Science Mag, Sep 2016

The early-career researchers who attend the meetings can still learn valuable lessons from the past Nobel Prize winners they meet there.

2010 attendee Troy Ruths reflected that the laureates “are fantastic scientists, but it is less about them and more about their approach. … They were pioneers because they had found a new phenomenon and were just trying to find out what it was.”

Ibrahim Cisse’s take-home from the 2012 meeting was to “[p]ursue your interest and try to do the best you can do.”

“Especially when you’re young, you have to take risks,” that year’s physics Nobel laureate Brian Schmidt told Price. “That’s how you get the opportunity to ensure some chance of something big happening.” And last year, 2012 winner in physiology or medicine Shinya Yamanaka said at a conference that the “best chance” for winning a Nobel Prize lies in exploring “unexpected results.”

Stanley Prusiner, the sole physiology and medicine winner in 1997, said in 2014 thatit’s “better to be lucky than brilliant,”


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