Seeking Patterns

Source: Digital Tonto, May 2015

Futurist and entrepreneur Ray Kurzweil considers pattern recognition so important that in his recent book, How to Create a Mind, he argued that pattern recognition and intelligence are essentially the same thing.  Expertise, in essence, is the familiarity of patterns of a specific field.

there’s a problem with patterns.  Just as they can uncover hidden meaning, they can also make us see things that aren’t really there.

Just because a pattern exists, doesn’t mean that the cause of that pattern is important or meaningful.

G. H. Hardy once wrote that, “a mathematician, like a painter or poet, is a maker of patterns. If his patterns are more permanent than theirs, it is because they are made with ideas.” Today, as we increasingly live in a world of bits rather than a world of atoms, designing patterns is how we create value.

if you believe that the most important patterns are those we have yet to uncover, then the future has no bounds.

Advancement is the discovery of new patterns.

that’s the problem with patterns.  The human mind is incapable of swallowing them whole, so we curate them instead.  Inevitably, what we recognize is our own image.  If you seek knowledge that you already believe you possess, then that’s often the most you will ever find.



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