Indonesia’s Orgasm Lady

Source: AsiaOne, Sep 2016

Dubbed “The Orgasm Lady”, the 39-year-old human rights activist based in Jakarta has been advocating female sexual pleasure to raise awareness about women’s empowerment and gender inequality, issues which are often neglected in conservative, patriarchal Indonesia where men wield authority in both home and work life.

“We have the right to decide when to say “No” or to say “Yes” when we want to have sex. Hellooo, women are sexual beings, we orgasm, too!” she added.

Ms Firliana, who is also a development programme worker, shot to fame after her book on the experience of female orgasm, The O Project, was published in 2010. It flew off the shelves, becoming the country’s best-selling feminist book.

The O Project offered unfiltered and intimate account of the sexual experiences of 16 Indonesian women of different sexual orientations. It was “no porn or cheap sex talk” but a fun and refreshing way to discuss women’s rights issues in the public domain, she said.

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Statistically, women who experience orgasms make up only 30 percent and men who experience orgasms are 70 percent. I wanted to know why only 30 percent of women have orgasms. That question brought me to the hypothesis that women probably always prioritize the men, which also implicates their sexual life in that they also prioritize their partners to have orgasms first and they don’t really think of themselves.


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