The 1st Trillionaire

Source: TechInsider, Jul 2016

“We need to be ready for a world with trillionaires in it,” says Sam Altman, the president of Y Combinator, the tech industry’s largest and most well-respected incubator for start-ups. “And that’s always going to feel deeply unfair. It feels unfair to me. But to drive society forward, you’ve got to let that happen.”

The first trillionaire could be a total unknown, Lord says, or it could be someone like Elon Musk “who hits four or five home runs rather than one.”

Someone is going to create something that no one has conceived of before,” he says. And chances are, that something will produce unprecedented levels of wealth for one person at the tippy top.

Altman, for his part, believes technological innovation will increase exponentially to the point where the people behind those innovations will make hundreds of billions of dollars a year.

The first trillionaire will be an inventor, someone who creates something world-changing, like Bill Gates did with the PC,” Oliver Williams, of the London-based consultants Wealth Insight, told The Times of London .


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