The Future of Work – 3D

Source: Fast Company, Jun 2016

Space is being developed by the Shanghai-based software firm Pygmal Technologies. While most VR applications thus far have been focused on video games and simulations, Space is focused on the ultimate end point for VR: “Space is a computer operating environment that could be the future of work,” says Xiao Jia, founder and CEO of Pygmal Technologies. “It’s useful for anyone who needs multitasking for web pages, videos, native Windows applications, even 3-D models. Because all this happens in your VR headset, it means it doesn’t have the constraints of a physical monitor.”

Space is trying to solve one of the biggest problems in VR—how do you mix 2-D web pages with 3-D VR content? Space will make it possible to click on a 3-D model in a 2-D browser, then have that float in full virtual space for you to look at, or even touch with motion controllers (which Space does not yet support).

Jia also imagines future versions of the software that will allow full collaboration—imagine if you didn’t just have six screens, you had 12 or 18, and you were sharing them all remotely with other people.


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