Brain Training Games Do Not Work (study)

Source: The Verge, Jun 2016

a new study published this week suggests, the positive effects of such brain-training programs might be the result of nothing more than the placebo effect: participants who are told they’re going to perform better in IQ tests after playing brain-training programs do perform better.

Twenty-five students were recruited using each flyer and then given a standardized test for fluid intelligence — the capacity for reasoning and problem solving. After this they participated in an hour of cognitive training, and were given the same intelligence test again. The researchers found that those students that were recruited using the suggestive flyer showed an increase in their intelligent tests equal to between five and 10 IQ points, while those that answered the second, boring, flyer, showed no benefits at all. “It’s strong evidence that it wasn’t really a true training effect,” one of the study’s authors, Cyrus Foroughi


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