Understanding statistics through interactive visualizations

Source: Emil’s website, date indeterminate

Statistical concepts can be difficult to understand from words and equations alone but understanding can come more easily if one gets to play with some numbers. This page features a number of interactive visualizations made to increase the reader’s understanding of important statistical concepts.

The following visualizations are currently available

      Statistical methods

    • Classification using multiple predictors

Statistical artifacts

    • Restriction of range
    • Ceiling/floor effects and the relationship to a criteria variable
    • Ceiling/floor effects and the estimation of group differences
    • Tail effects
    • Regression towards the mean
    • Dichotomization and cut-off values
    • Discretization
    • Discretization and relative risk

Test bias

    • Test bias
    • Test bias and omitted variable bias


    • Simpson’s paradox


  • Jensen’s method
  • The Dunning-Kruger effect

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