MIT won’t make you rich …

Source: MIT Admissions blog, Mar 2016

MIT won’t make you rich. It won’t hand you success. It won’t even set you on a unwavering path toward it.

When I look toward my future I see a flat, terrifying expanse of adult life stretched before me. There are no longer any obvious mountains to climb. I can walk in any direction, or switch directions, for any amount of time, toward horizons whose features I can’t see from here.

I can raise or raze my own mountains and plant my own landmarks, if I want to. I have no idea where I’m standing right now, but everything seems to be telling me that I’ll get farther, wherever I’m going, if I just start running, and I am guessing that so will you.

In other words, if you are lucky enough to have a singular greater vision or motivation behind applying to MIT, chase it. Don’t let the switch of a single stepping stone for another one disrupt your dreams and the progress you’ve already made.

If not, pick one, do it faster than me, and don’t look back.


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