Crafting Minecraft for Creativity

Source: Mic.Com, Oct 2015

Minecraft became popular because it accommodates people who are using different kinds of hardware. The game’s simplicity means an amateur can play it on an inexpensive console, but gamers with better machines can get into activities like designing complicated mods and hosting their own servers.

Today, there are often over 1 million active users playing Minecraft at any given time. The mod forum on is by far the most popular, with over 4 million posts ranging from easy tweaks like new tools or ways to craft swords to aesthetic ones like jack-o’-lanterns for Halloween to elaborate scenarios within the game itself. While the creators of the mods need to have significant knowledge and experience with programming, the entire community can enjoy them.

Minecraft‘s power lies in its ability to be flexible and compatible and to let users be creative.

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The Atlantic, Apr 2014

Minecraft offers youth the opportunity to explore an environment that is not rule-based like the rest of their lives. “On Minecraft, you can do whatever you want,” a 9-year old Minecraft player told me.

Not only does the open-world nature of Minecraft give children the opportunity to be more creative, it allows them to feel like they have a sense of control over themselves and their environment.

It’s an implicit way for them to develop self-regulation skills that then transfer to offline spaces—through having this freedom to create on Minecraft, they learn how to identify and work towards offline goals like finishing class assignments or graduating from college later in life.

Playing Minecraft teaches kids useful skills. The most clearly visible are visuospatial reasoning skills—learning how to manipulate objects in space in a way that helps them create dynamic structures. Visuospatial reasoning is the basis for more abstract forms of knowledge like the ability to evaluate whether a conclusion logically follows from its premises.

Minecraft also helps youth learn how to collaborate to solve problems, and collaborative learning improves critical thinking skills that support motivation for learning.

gameplay is about sharing knowledge and cooperating with your friends to build cool things.

Minecraft website, ongoing updates of purchases, Jun 2015

Minecraft is immensely popular across all platforms, with total sales now well above 70 million copies. Sales of the mobile version, Minecraft: Pocket Editiontopped 30 million copies back in January. By early May, Mojang had sold 20 million copies of Minecraft on Xbox 360 and Xbox One combined. Minecraft is also available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.




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