5 Keys to Successful Teams

Source: Business Insider, Nov 2015

  1. “psychological safety.”
    Amy Edmondson defines as “a shared belief that the team is safe for interpersonal risk taking.”  … establishing an environment where no employees are afraid that one of their questions or suggestions will reveal them to be “out of the loop” requires work.
  2. dependability.
    “Team members get things done on time and meet Google’s high bar of excellence.”
  3. structure and clarity.
    team managers monitor their employees without micromanaging, which is essentially holding their hands on every project. ….   This trust is built by agreeing on a team and an individual basis on clear roles, plans, and goals.
  4. meaning.
    These roles, plans, and goals need to personally resonate with each of the employees, or else they will not be working to their full potential and pushing themselves to new limits.
  5. purpose.
    Every team needs to ask itself, “Do we fundamentally believe that what we’re doing matters?” Bock … tells managers that when they make a new hire, they need to clarify their team’s purpose and how it is making a tangible impact.


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