Imagination over Intelligence

Source: How to Fly a Horse, Sep 2015

Barry Marshall and Robin Warren discovers H. pylori.


Walter Peterson,, date indeterminate

What is the biggest mistake that you have made?
Failing to discover H. pylori in 1976 (Gastroenterology 1979 Jun;76(6):1449-57). A number of our research subjects became acutely hypochlorhydric, a result of what we now know was acute H. pylori infection.



End Notes



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Chapter 3: One Hundred Years of Discovery and Rediscovery of Helicobacter pylori and Its Association with Peptic Ulcer Disease, date indeterminate

Today’s understanding of Helicobacter-related gastric diseases in humans stems from an explosion in research, which occurred after the first culture of the organism by Marshall and Warren in 1982 (47). This event may have been the culmination of over 100 years of study of helicobacters and their epiphenomena. This chapter is a concise overview of major highlights during that time following four storylines of spiral bacteria, epidemic gastritis with hypochlorhydria, urease, and bismuth therapy.


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