Marc Andreesen: “What if it does work?”

Source: Business Insider, Oct 2014

… when he’s critiquing startup ideas, Andreessen says he tries not to ask the common question: “Will this idea work?”

Instead, he asks: “What if it does work?

He uses his initial snubbing of eBay as an example.

“I  remember when eBay came along, and I thought, No f—ing way. A f—ing flea market? How much crap is there in people’s garages? And who would want all that crap?” Andreessen tells Roose.

“But that was not the relevant question. The eBay guys and the people who invested early, they said, ‘Let’s forget whether it’ll work or not. What if it does work?’ If it does work, then you’ve got a global trading platform for the first time in the world, you’ve got liquidity for products of all kinds, you’re going to have true price discovery.”


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