Are Humans Creators or Destroyers?

Source: National Review, Sep 2015

The fundamental question boils down to this: Are humans destroyers or creators?

If the idea is accepted that the world’s resources are fixed, with only so much to go around, then each new life is unwelcome, each unregulated act or thought is a menace, every person is fundamentally the enemy of every other person, and each race or nation is enemy of every other race or nation. The ultimate outcome of such a worldview can only be enforced stagnation, tyranny, war, and genocide.

But if we choose instead to have faith in the power of unfettered creativity to invent unbounded resources, then every new life if a gift, and every person, race, and nation becomes ultimately the potential friend of every other, and, rather than suppression, the fundamental purpose of government must be to protect human liberty at all costs. Only in a world of freedom can resources be unlimited. Only in a world of unlimited resources can all men be brothers.

4 responses to “Are Humans Creators or Destroyers?

  1. Interesting article! I am currently seeing it in reverse though. The world has enough for our needs, but not for our wants. Wants are infinite, and a shortfall will always exist. Perhaps, the crux is to be grateful and baseline happy, rid envy, while giving back in gratitude to the community (common good)?. 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment! I do think that humans are creative; thus the more humans they are, the more we can create for the benefit of all.

      All the best,

      • Unfortunately, positive creation and sharing is not growing faster than wants, as unhappiness in the rich countries is not falling. So we do differ here, Mark. All the best!

      • Thanks for your comment! Perhaps people should focus upon their actual “needs”, and moderate their “wants”. After all, by definition, “wants” are optional.


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