Use Your B.U.T.T.

When my daughter was early in her elementary school life, she tended to rush through her math tests; thus she overlooked information that were key to answering the questions, and also made simple mistakes.

Rather than merely reminding her to do better (e.g. use your head), I figured out an amusing mnenomic to help her during those math tests. So during her math tests, in addition to using her head, she should also use her “B.U.T.T.”, which stands for:

  • B“reathe, which relieves test stress
  • U“nderstand the question correctly
  • Answer the question “T“horoughly.
  • T“est your answer

BUTT - Annnotated

I also suggested to my daughter that she write the mnemonic “BUTT” on her test sheet at the beginning of the test as a reminder.  To avoid any unnecessary confusion :), I also e-mailed her teacher(s) to inform them about the “BUTT” mnemonic.


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