The Meaning of Life

Source: Oscar blog, Jul 2015

One of the most interesting experiences, probably of my life so far, was a class given by a very experienced professor. His CV includes fellowships in MIT Sloan and Stanford. He was humble, nonetheless, and his discourse was far off from a typical business class. Throughout the ten weeks, he enticed us to think of the meaning of our lives. At first it seemed cliche-esque but after a while it started to make sense, and the deep thoughts began to resonate with a hidden question in me: “what is your purpose?”.

First, he started off by asking us to write within exactly 15 words our personal value proposition: what distinguishes each of us from the rest.

Secondly, he asked us to think over why we want to follow a specific path in our lives.

Answering these questions, though, was even a greater challange because it requires a great deal of self-awareness and a deep understanding of yourself, your ambitions, your goals. It entails realizing that common life milestones (graduating from college, getting an MBA, or buying a house) should be mere consequences of a larger plan for achieving something bigger.

The reason is that none of these examples are an answer to the existential why? question. It is only then when everything ties in nicely and you can draw a line (though blurry and by no means perfectly straight) between yourself today and yourself in the future.


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