The Price of Light has Dropped by 120,000x since Babylonian time

Source: Lucept website, Nov 2014
(original source HERE)

Related Resource: NPR, May 2014

  • KESTENBAUM: Here’s the answer he got. In Babylonian times, 4,000 years ago, a day’s labor would buy very little light. You could buy enough light to illuminate a room but not for very long.
  • NORDHAUS: Maybe 10 minutes. It was really expensive.
  • KESTENBAUM: A day’s wages got you 10 minutes of light.
  • KESTENBAUM: By the time Bill Nordhaus does his light study in the 1990s, if you work a day, how many hours of light do you get?
  • NORDHAUS: Maybe 20,000.
  • KESTENBAUM: Twenty thousand hours?

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