Dan Roam “Show and Tell”

Source: Dan Roam website, date indeterminate


How to make an extraordinary presentation:

  1. Tell the truth: When we tell the truth, we connect with our audience, we become passionate, and we find self-confidence.
  2. Tell it with a story: When we tell a story, we make complex concepts clear, we make ideas unforgettable, and we include everyone.
  3. Tell the story with pictures: When we use pictures, people see exactly what we mean, we captivate our audience’s mind, and we banish boredom.


Related Resource: Published and Profitable blog, May 2014

a visual guide to preparing the  most common types of presentations:

  • Reports intended to communicate information and status
  • Explanations to show others how to do something
  • Pitches to persuade
  • Drama to help people help themselves

Few pages contain more than one paragraph. Most pages contain:

  • A single annotated visual, i.e., an example, screen capture, or a simple diagram illustrating a step in the storytelling sequence.
  • One or two sentences to explain or reinforce the message communicated in the visual
  • Often, a short bullet list to provide additional meaning


3 responses to “Dan Roam “Show and Tell”

  1. sherrylamoreaux

    May we use the “four storylines” image in a blog post? https://www.act-on.com/blog/. Credit and link, of course.

    • Hi Sherry:

      My apologies for the delayed response, ‘cos I am travelling in Asia. The picture came from Dan’s book, and it might be worth checking with him regarding the “four storylines” image.

      All the best,

      • sherrylamoreaux

        Thank you! I left a query in his website Contact form and tweeted as well. Hope you’re having a great trip.

        Blue skies and green lights,

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