A School for Those Who Love Math

Source: Mindshift, Jul 2014

Designers of the new, non-profit Proof School intend to provide mathematically gifted youth an intensive and complete education in grades 6-12 that typical schools can’t muster. The pupils will learn advanced areas of math, such as number theory topics that a university math major or graduate student might tackle. They’ll work on math research projects, and engage in community service through math tutoring.

“They’re going to be involved in math in a really different way, a really exciting and dynamic way,” said Sam Vandervelde, who is leaving his math professorship at St. Lawrence University in New York to become the new school’s dean of mathematical sciences.

Proof School will initially open with roughly 45 children in three grades, with plans to grow to around 250 students in a decade. Getting in won’t be easy, but the school’s mission is to serve the needs of “math kids” in the Bay Area — ranging from high-IQ wunderkind types to students who participate in math competitions or math circles, to children who love to play with numbers. “What we want is kids who are passionate about math,” said Paul Zeitz, school co-founder and chair of mathematics at the University of San Francisco.

“We’ll sort kids into groups based on what they’re ready for,” he said, not by age or grade.

Proof School’s teaching style will also draw upon blended learning methods that make use of technology in the classroom, as well as inquiry-based learning practices.


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